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You and your friends shouldn’t have done it, but that bully dared you. You went inside the creepy old house at the end of the street. Because of your actions, you and your friends are all now cursed! The Bogeyman is after you and will get you once you fall asleep! The only way to survive is to make it until dawn...or be the last one to fall asleep tonight!

The game is a small, story-telling rpg, where 4 players are Kids and 1 player is The Bogeyman. During the course of play the players describe how they are either trying to scare the Kids or trying to stay awake so The Bogeyman doesn't get them. All while rolling six-sided dice to see if their plans succeed. 


The Bogeyman.pdf 80 kB


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Sincerely enjoy this tight little take on the genre and the amount of work you're able to squeeze out of minimal mechanics. Does a great job of imparting feel and themes and tone in the text! Would love to see a printable version on the future with art!!

Thank you for the kind words!